My EnduroPacks Experience

A month ago, I was asked to try a new endurance sports nutrition product, EnduroPacks.  They’re a supplement company that claims to help athletes recover faster from their workouts.  What any athlete is looking for in a sports nutrition product is how fast it can help them recover, and is it easy to take.

 I decided to try Enduropacks products after completing the New York City Marathon.  After a Marathon I usually take a couple of weeks off from running to let my body heal and recover.  I decided that my way of testing Enduropacks claims of, “helping athletes recover faster”, was by getting back to running again with minimal rest.  I’m in training now for the Miami Half Marathon so this is the perfect test.

 For my first long run I went out and ran 10 miles.  A week after a marathon I normally wouldn’t do this, I usually build up slowly again to let my body recover. The run was good and challenging because of the hills in my neighborhood.  Once I finished the workout I put on the Enduropack Essential Amino Acid Patch.  That night I took the Glutamine Recovery Complex pills before going to bed.  In the morning I took the Liquid Multivitamin before heading out to do my next workout.  I was so surprised that I wasn’t sore from the previous days 10 mile run!  For sure I thought I was going to be sore and not be able to workout but this was not the case.

I went out for another long run (8 miles) with no problem.  I repeated the process of applying the Enduropacks Essential Amino Acid Patch after my run, taking the Glutamine Recovery Complex pills before going to bed, and the Liquid Multivitamin in the morning when I woke up.  The second day I thought for sure I wasn’t going to perform as well.  I was proven wrong again.  I couldn’t believe it!  I did recover faster and I was able to reproduce the same intensity in another workout a lot sooner than I normally would be able.

My training for the Miami Half Marathon has been going great.  I’m able to recover faster from my tempo runs and hill repeats, which allows me to be able to do the long runs with ease.  Plus, I’m able to do some cross training with kickboxing, which I wouldn’t normally do, because I thought it was too hard on my body.   Since my recovery time has improved I’m able to continue kickboxing at a high intensity between runs.  Now I’m doing both without any problems and feeling great!  What can I say, I found the perfect supplement!  It’s easy to take and it helps me recover faster from my workouts.  Enduropacks works for me 100% and can’t see myself training without it!

Wil Tejada

Wil_Power Fitness Running Coach/Marathoner

6th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan

Instagram: @Wil_Power


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